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Midtown Optometry is a small, experienced clinic in Santa Cruz, made of optometrists, opticians and medical staff. As for variety: we cater for a range of needs from family care to emergency appointments. Learn more.

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From essential eye exams to finding your favorite glasses, Midtown Optometry offers all vital services. Our extensive inventory of frames, lenses and equipment allows us to personalize the full optometry experience. Explore further.

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We know that you lead a busy life. Schedule your appointment through the Online Request Appointment Form and avoid the hassle. No Need to ever pick up the phone. 

Welcome to Our Practice

At Midtown Optometry we cater to a wide variety of needs, from examinations for children to solving ongoing problems for experienced patients. Our specializations in Sports Vision and Computer Vision Syndrome have us thinking about the critical role of both safety and eyesight in dynamic situations, and the more prolonged stress placed on our eyes while being subjected to an on-screen lifestyle.

Even if you just need a simple adjustment to your favorite old frames, swing in. We’re located at 550 Water Street, right near Downton Santa Cruz, and commit to providing enough time for each appointment, with zero wait time.

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