The Dreaded "Air Puff" Test

Medical Office at Midtown Optometry

When the doctors at Midtown Optometry examine each patient’s eye health, the most common question they are asked is whether we are going to administer the “Air Puff” test.  The topic is always broached with apprehension, as it is something that many people find unpleasant.  The “Air Puff,” technically referred to as Non-Contact Tonometry or NCT is a method for checking eye pressure and was historically the standard of care.  Luckily, the doctors at Midtown able to reassure patients that there is now a better way to evaluate eye pressure that we use in our office called Goldman Tonometry, which has become the new gold standard.  Checking eye pressure is one of many screening tests that our doctors perform for glaucoma at every annual comprehensive eye exam.  Increased eye pressure is something that generally cannot be noticed until it reaches damaging levels, and must be tested for regularly.  Goldman Tonometry, sometimes referred to as the blue light test, is a more accurate and less invasive method to get annual pressure readings.