Taking Care of Your Glasses

Opticians at Midtown Optometry teach you how to care for your glasses

 You spend most of every day looking through your glasses; let us help you keep them at their best.

To clean your glasses, it is best to start by rinsing your lenses under cold running water.  This gets rid of any large particles, dirt, sand, etc. that could scratch the lenses when you clean them.  We recommend a small amount of dish soap as a detergent.  Anything that does not have any conditioner will keep your lenses streak free.  After cleaning, use a microfiber or clean cotton cloth to gently rub the lenses between your thumb and forefinger.  Glasses cleaning spray can also be used.  While it is tempting to use Kleenex, the small fibers in paper products can actually cause small scratches when used repeatedly. 

Most glasses have an anti-reflective coating to help cut glare from oncoming and overhead lights.  High quality coatings such as Crizal Avance and Prevencia that we use at Midtown Optometry also have anti-smudging and anti-static properties incorporated into the lens.  While these coatings make for a significantly improved visual experience and stay cleaner longer, they can be damaged by high heat or chemical exposure.  Be careful leaving your lenses on the dash of a car or exposing them to solvents.

Midtown Optometry is always happy to clean and adjust your glasses.  Drop by to chat with one of our opticians, no appointment needed.  Free lens cleaning cloths and cleaning solutions are always available.