Computer Vision Syndrome

Most of us spend the majority of our days on the computer.  It's the unfortunate truth.  

Computer Vision Syndrome has a huge impact on our lives (and our employer's pockets) as productivity has shown to decrease by 10-20% when our eyes are fatigued, depending on if you look at the University of Alabama, Birmingham or PRIO study.

Eye fatigue is the number one complaint of office workers.  It is predominantly caused dry eye and extra strain in focusing up close for long periods of time.  Both are correctable with a few easy tricks and some updated technology.

Computer specific glasses give a range in focus optimized for the computer work station.  This relieves the muscles in the eyes that are forced to flex to change focus for this working distance.  

Anti-glare coatings (such as Crizal Prevencia) cut down on reflected overhead light and excessive high energy blue light emitted from the monitor.  

Dry eye is also a factor in Computer Vision Syndrome.  Your blink rate drops from about 21/ sec to 5-7/sec.  In order to keep your eyes better lubricated, try to take a break every 20 min to look away, and blink a few times.  Lubricating eye drops can also be helpful.