Your Eyes During Your Early Career (25-40)

From the ages of 25-40 vision is relatively stable. This is a relief after the progression that many have experienced up until this time. Most people are starting their careers and will have some new visual demands.  While most eye diseases are uncommon in this age range, Dry Eye Syndrome is becoming increasingly likely as most people spend long hours at the computer. 

Looking at a computer screen causes eye strain in a variety of ways, see blog on Computer Vision Syndrome.  As you will read in the Computer Vision blog, dry eye is a very relevant concern for people in this age range.

Due to the visual stability over this period, this is the most common time people consider LASIK or PRK refractive surgery.  

This is also a very active time for most people as they travel, ski, surf, or mountain bike.  Each of these activities are unique and we love discussing how to optimize your experience through better vision and eye protection by way of specialty glasses and contact lenses.

Continue reading to find out happens to your vision as you enter your 40's.