LASIK Refractive Surgery

LASIK Refractive surgery-2.png

Our Optometrists in the Bay Area work with Dr. Furlong to provide Wavefront LASIK and PRK vision correction. While the surgery is done in San Jose, most of the pre-operative and post-operative visits are done right here at Midtown Optometry.  Check out this video to learn more about bladeless LASIK, and visit their site to learn more about how wavefront technology can minimize higher-order aberrations and thus reduce glare and halos at night.

LASIK is a laser eye surgery that can greatly reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and contacts. In a brief 30-minute procedure, the surgeon reshapes your cornea with a laser. The whole procedure is quick and provides very little discomfort.  Most people even see well enough to drive the next day and return to work. See video.

Your eyes are as uniquely shaped as your fingerprints. A free consultation allows you to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK or a similar procedure.  We can help you set this up by calling (831) 426-7172.  Ask us today if LASIK is right for you.