Just Mention our Promotion

Midtown Optometry is dedicated to both our patients and our community.  Mention this promotion at the time of your exam and receive one of the following three options.  Either give back to our community by having us donate $20 to the Surfrider Foundation in your name or let us show our appreciation with a small gift for you or a friend.


Option 1: Protect our coastline

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to protecting our coastline, keeping Santa Cruz and other coastal communities beautiful and helping to protect our oceans.  In 2017, the foundation was able to help push the ban of plastic bags in California, had some major victories against offshore drilling, and has worked to maintain great beach access.  For 2018, they need our help to continue to keep our beaches healthy both for us and our marine wildlife. Let us make a $20 donation in your name.

Midtown Optometry Water promotion.png

Option 2: Treat yourself

Choose between a great water bottle or microfiber adventure towel.

With this 17oz insulated stainless steel water bottle, you are ready to go anywhere.  With miles of beaches and endless beautiful trails, Santa Cruz is ripe for an adventure.  

Or, choose the adventure towel and dive on in. It rolls up tightly to take up minimal space in your bag and has the drying power of a full sized beach towel.

Midtown Optometry Towel promotion.png

Option 3: Treat a friend

Does the thought of an adventure make you think of your good friend?  If you'd rather be visiting the Museum of Art History but would like to send your gift to someone who would enjoy it, we can ship your water bottle or towel to anyone in the US along with a personalized note from you.