Your Midtown Eye Care Specialists

Midtown Optometry is a team of highly experienced eye care professionals. Our clinic is located at 550 Water Street, Santa Cruz, California. 

Trained at UC, Berkeley, our optometrists, Dr. Fellers and Dr. Burns offer specialized services in Computer Vision, sports vision, and pediatric eye care.

No matter your age or lifestyle of choice, Midtown Optometry is committed to ensuring you live your life comfortably and productively with your best vision.

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See an Expert Optometrist in Santa Cruz

Making your appointment doesn’t need to be difficult!

We know you lead a busy, active life so we’ve given you the option to schedule your appointment online through our website.


Santa Cruz’s Midtown Optometry lets you skip the lines and the waiting time, all without ever picking up the phone —make your appointment online instead. 


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The Latest Equipment and Services

Personalize your eye care experience with Midtown Optometry’s complete array of eye care services and facilities.

At Midtown Optometry, we use advanced equipment to conduct eye exams and update eyewear prescriptions —we also fit new contact lenses.

We also have specialized equipment to assess your eye health for early signs of ocular diseases like macular degeneration and glaucoma.

Top Eyewear Brands

Our extensive inventory of stylish premium frames and contact lenses lets you truly enjoy your vision in style.

Choose from top brands like Silhouette, Tom Ford, and Versace.

Offering you more than just style, all of our lenses feature blue light protection to promote eye health, reduce eye fatigue, and help maintain proper sleep cycles.

Dr. Craig Fellers and Dr. Ayesha Burns at Midtown Optometry

Your Best Vision, Your Best Interest

At Midtown Optometry we cater to a wide variety of needs, from eye exams for children to solving ongoing problems for active adults.

Midtown Optometry understands the role of safety and eyesight, for children and adults, in both everyday and dynamic situations

With Dr. Fellers’ and Dr. Burns’ specializations in Sports Vision, Computer Vision Syndrome, and Pediatric Vision, we are fully equipped to address all your eye health concerns.


What People Are Saying About Us

Santa Cruz’s top eye care clinic is here for you.

If you need an Optometrist in Santa Cruz, California, whether you need a full eye pressure exam, a new set of contact lenses, or a simple adjustment to your favorite old frames, drop by Midtown Optometry!

Find us downtown at 550 Water Street, Santa Cruz, California.

At Midtown Optometry, eye care is our commitment.
We promise to give you as much time as you need for your every appointment, with zero wait time.