We're able to order any contact lens, but we also stock wide range in office, including daily disposable lenses from Alcon and Acuvue.

Latest Contact Lenses 

Midtown Optometry is fitting the latest lenses including the Dailies Total One. This lens utilizes water gradient technology to keep the lens feeling comfortable on the eye all day, even in the most challenging conditions.  This lens is available for distance prescriptions as well as a multifocal design that will eliminate the need for reading glasses.


Surf's Up!

Daily disposable contact lenses are by far the best option for surfing and swimming.  See the sets come in with contact lenses and discard after the session.  This eliminates the need to re-introduce bacteria from the ocean or pool back into your eye and decreases risk of corneal infection.

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UV Protection

Living in Santa Cruz, we spend a lot of time on the water.  Our optometrists understand that sunglasses are not always an option. What most people don't know is that some contact lenses also provide UV protection to protect your eyes from a variety of eye disease. Ask our eye doctors today for more details on the effects of UV and eye health, or discuss contact lens options with our opticians. 

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Learn How to Wear

Here's our favorite video tutorial that shows you how to put them in safely.

Contact Lens Brands