Beach Clean Up at Twin Lakes

What a beautiful way to start a Tuesday.

Midtown Optometry Beach Clean Up.JPG

You may have noticed that Midtown Optometry was shut down this Tuesday morning. The entire staff was out at Twin Lakes Beach doing a trash pick day. It is one of our favorite things that we do each year to help out the community. All of us spend a lot of time at our wonderful beaches and it is important to keep them clean both for the wildlife there as well as for our own enjoyment.

Midtown Optometry Gives Back.jpg
Midtown Optometry Volunteer Event.jpg

From the beach, we saw pelicans diving as well as harbor seals. Small critters running along the sand give you an idea of how much wildlife is so small that it gets overlooked. In order to keep our ecosystem clean so all of us can survive and thrive we have chosen beach clean ups as the area where we can help. This trip to the beach we collected 37 pounds of trash and took it off the beach to throw away or recycle. As always, I’ll give you a breakdown of the most prolific or interesting things that we found.

Most Common

1) Cigarette butts

2) Napkins

3) Bottles and cans

Most Interesting

1) Retainer

2) Glasses

3) Very few straws!

We wrapped up the morning with a coffee at the Java Station and are already looking forward to our next event.