Optometry is about more than correcting vision problems; if you live an active and healthy lifestyle specially trained optometrists can help you up your game and gain an edge with specialized vision sportswear.

Even if you have healthy eyes and regular eye exams, you still can benefit from seeing a sports vision specialist.

Typical eye exams don’t test every vision skill; sports vision testing is more extensive because it evaluates how you use your vision while moving around outdoors and interacting with other objects and players.

Through sports vision training exercises, testing, and consultation you can find the perfect sports vision equipment to suit your particular needs for whatever sports and outdoor activities you enjoy most.


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Dr. Craig Fellers, O.D.

Sports Vision Specialist

At Midtown Optometry our resident sports vision doctor, Dr. Craig Fellers O.D., combines his years of dedicated training and professional experience with his personal passion for active living.

When it comes to sports eyewear, Dr. Fellers considers each patient’s specific visual and competitive needs to determine the ideal prescription, lens tint, and lens material.

A leader in the field of sports vision and a professional cyclist, triathlon and marathon runner, Dr. Fellers understands the vital role clear vision plays in ensuring personal safety, as well as coming out on top in any competition.

Make your appointment with Dr. Fellers today, and find out how you can leverage your best vision to up your game, gain the edge to overcome the competition, and take home the gold.



Continue reading to learn more about the different types of sports vision equipment you can use to improve your performance in various different types of competitive and recreational sports.



Sport Sunglasses

Tinted performance sunglasses improve your ability to respond to fast-paced, visually demanding situations by reducing glare and improving contrast sensitivity.

By improving your ability to see and react quickly, and with greater accuracy, clarity, and comfort, any athlete can gain the edge they need to outperform the competition in many different sports.



Most people wouldn’t think of golf as a sport with a high demand for visual acuity, which begs the question, “Are golf Sunglasses worth it?”

If you think about it, almost everything about the sport relies heavily on your ability to accurately assess the layout of each hole.

From teeing off to putting the ball across the green, you rely on your eyes for reading the greens for accurate putting. Because things like weather conditions and glare can adversely affect your game, more and more professional golfers are opting for sports sunglasses.

For the truly passionate golfer, not just any pair of sunglasses will suffice; while most quality sunglasses offer UVA/UVB protection, comfortable face grips, and a stylish design, they lack golf-specific lens coloring and shape.

Which golf sunglasses to buy will depend on your golf game. Consulting a sports vision specialist and describing your particular challenges can make all the difference between hitting par and eagle.

Tennis, Softball, and Baseball

When it comes to visual demands, tennis, softball, and baseball have something in common in that all of these sports require split second reaction times and high accuracy assessments of wear the ball is going to be when it arrives.

With these sports, in competitive games, the ball is actually moving too fast for the eye to see.

This makes it even more important for you to correctly guess where the ball will be based on how it was served or pitched.

Consult with Dr. Craig Fellers at Midtown Optometry, Santa Cruz to understand how to choose baseball sunglasses to suit your visual demands.


Midtown Optometry’s Dr. Fellers has written extensively on the benefits of cycling sunglasses. Cyclists often travel at high speeds and because of the orientation of the head while cycling, proper sports eyewear is even more crucial.

When you’re traveling at such high speeds, the last thing you want is for the sun, dust, or a random insect getting in your eyes.

Dr. Fellers recommends high wrap frames that sit higher on the bridge of your nose to block wind and glare, which can be detrimental and even dangerous when racing. Prescription cycling lenses are also available; progressive cycling lenses are optimized for both distance and near viewing areas, and minimize peripheral distortions that can be dangerous when cycling

Check out his blog post to read more.


Protecting your eyes from the sun is crucial for runners. Whether you're running in the snow or hot weather, it's important to protect your eyes from the sun.

For the best safety and comfort, consult with Midtown Optometry’s resident sports vision specialist so you can pick the very best sunglasses for you.

Natalie Gulbis wearing golf sunglasses at the 2008 LPGA Championship

Natalie Gulbis wearing golf sunglasses at the 2008 LPGA Championship

Andrew Benintendi wearing sports sunglasses

Andrew Benintendi wearing sports sunglasses

Dr. Craig Fellers Races at the Wente Vineyards Classic. Photo Credit: Travis Lyons

Dr. Craig Fellers Races at the Wente Vineyards Classic. Photo Credit: Travis Lyons