Shop Local

Midtown Optometry Dr Craig Fellers and Ayesha Burns

Santa Cruz has always been keenly aware of the importance of supporting local business. While there are many good reasons to shop local first, the most important is yourself.

At Midtown Optometry, we know that you have online options to purchase glasses and contact lenses. We understand the allure of the low pricing that is available, but after seeing many pairs show up in our office from a wide variety of online retailers, we are confident in saying that you get what you pay for.

To allow for the low pricing, often cheap materials are used for the lenses and frames.

While we are happy to adjust any frame whether purchased online or at our office, we find that frames online retailers break during routine adjustments and unfortunately lack any warranty. At Midtown Optometry we use premium lenses and coatings to give you the best possible vision. 

We stand behind every product coming from our office and verify that each prescription is made correctly before dispensing the glasses to you. We will make sure the vision is perfect and the fit is comfortable, before you go with your new frames.

Free adjustments and cleanings will be given for life and with all of our lens coatings and we warranty against scratched lenses for an entire year. And, if you are unhappy with your lens design for any reason, we will exchange it for you at no additional charge.

You can truly rest assured that we will take care of you and know that you have smiling faces to stand behind the glasses that you wear every day.

The contact lens industry has become a very competitive industry. Midtown Optometry realizes that price is important when deciding where to purchase your contact lenses. In almost every case we are able to beat any price for contact lenses, both from online and large chain retailers. As with our glasses, we also will warranty any ripped or torn lens, provide samples when needed, and we will exchange any unopened box if the prescription changes.

While shopping locally definitely helps support small business and keeps our community thriving, don't forget about yourself. By purchasing locally, you are also saving yourself time and money and you will be guaranteed the best possible product that is optimized for you.