Midtown Beach Clean Up

Midtown Beach Day.JPG

To celebrate President's Day Midtown Optometry decided to give back by organizing a beach clean up of both Cowell's and Boardwalk Beach.  The whole crew gathered at 8AM ready with trash bags, rubber gloves, and notably cool beach eyewear.  Starting with Cowell's, we were impressed with how clean the beach was this morning.  Besides a few candy wrappers, the miscellaneous sock and a few paper napkins, our team walked under the pier with limp trash bags blowing in the off shore breeze.  As we traveled down towards the San Lorenzo, however, we had a bit more work to do.  With 8 people working for 2 hours, we made short work of Boardwalk beach as we spread out across the sand.  Between us we collected 21 pounds of trash with the most popular items to discard being the following in order of prevalence by number:

Cigarette butts, paper napkins, straws, plastic straw containers, candy wrappers and other small plastic pieces, plastic cups, orange peals, clothing tags, beer cans, clothing, plastic silverware, and playing cards.

We all thoroughly enjoyed  our day at the beach, and were proud to be able to make Santa Cruz even more gorgeous.

Midtown Giving back.JPG