Changing your Wiper Blades in the Winter

With all the rain coming down, many people forget the easiest way to improve their vision while driving: changing their wiper blades. This 10-min DIY task will cost you as little as $20, and can make huge improvements to your vision on the road for the months ahead. 

As you would imagine, there's a YouTube tutorial video showing how to replace your wiper blades, but for now get familiar with these four key steps.

  1. Measure the wiper blade's length and compare it with the recommendation in your car owner's manual.
  2. Remove the old wiper but raising the wiper arm from the windshield and press down on the small tab on the bottom edge of the wiper, located where it meets the wiper arm. While pressing this tab, the wiper blade is released and can be removed by pulling down.
  3. Pull the wiper blade onto the arm, listening for a click so you know when it's secure. Lower the blade onto the windshield
  4. Before you set out on your next journey, give your wipers a few swings to make sure the blades are secure.