Eye Exam at Any Age


Your experience at Midtown Optometry will be tailored to your specific needs so every exam is unique.  Broadly speaking, however, people can be grouped by age and I will go over some of the touch points that we pay close attention to for each demographic in a series of blogs.

Young Children (age 3-5)

Children (6-15)

High School-College aged (16-25)

Early Career Adults (26-39)

Adults (40-65)

Experienced Adults (65+)

I hope this guide will assist in your understanding of how the human eye evolves over a lifetime and may provide you with some questions to ask at your next yearly check up with our doctors. As you will see, the expectations during your eye exam will vary yearly, but with vision being the sense people care about most, this blog will demonstrate how preventative care will allow you to maintain crisp vision and health eyes for your entire life.