Donations for Fire Fighters in Big Sur

While listening to the radio, Dr Ayesha Burns heard that one of the items the fire fighters in Big Sur needed most was eye wash and lubricating drops.  That day, we contacted our reps at Alcon to coordinate a donation of over 600 bottles of Systane Ultra and Systane Balance artificial tears.  We are excited to be in the unique position to help our community, and our thoughts are with those who have lost their homes and our fire fighters who are working tirelessly to protect further loss.

Donated eye drops from Midtown Optometry

Updated: 11/29/2016

Midtown Optometry visits Seniors at La Posada

Volunteering, Midtown donates reading glasses

This week, the doctors and medical staff at Midtown Optometry visited La Posada Retirement Community for our Vision Health Fair.  It was a great opportunity for us to have our doctors answer questions for the residents, many of whom don't have easy access to medical professionals.  While the doctors discussed cataracts, dry eye disease, glaucoma and  a variety of other medical eye conditions, the opticians were able to clean and adjust glasses for all attendees.  Residents told us that reading is a big part of their day to day life in their beautiful retirement community, and we were happy to be able to make it easier for them.  We also distributed the final pairs of reading glasses from our recent philanthropy event to the residents in need.  Our doctors and staff had a lot of fun getting to know our seniors, and look forward to more events in the future.

Global Vision Impairment Study

An eye-opening study by the American Academy of Optometry reveals that in 2010, 6.8 million people were blind and 101.2 million people were vision-impaired due to uncorrected refractive error worldwide. Furthermore, uncorrected refractive error is the leading cause of vision impairment. In other words, more people are visually impaired due to lack of glasses than any sight threatening disease. This is why we started our "Buy a Pair, Donate a Pair" campaign to provide proper glasses to those in need. With such a correctable problem, it is tragic to know that so many don't have access to proper eye care. We chose to start right here in Santa Cruz and our first donations will go to local seniors. Read the complete article from the Academy of Optometry here.