How Your Vision Changes with Age: Your Eyes in Your 20s and 30s

From the ages of 25-40 vision is relatively stable.

This is a relief for many after the progression that most experience up until this time.

Most people this age are professionals starting or advancing their careers; this creates a whole new set of visual demands…

While most eye diseases are uncommon in this age range, dry eye syndrome, digital eye strain, and computer vision are becoming increasingly prevalent as most people spend long hours at the computer. 

Computer screens strain our eyes in a variety of ways, dry eye is a very common concern for people in this age range.

But it isn’t all bad news: due to the visual stability over this period, these years are also the ideal time to consider LASIK or PRK refractive surgery.  

This is also a very active time for most people as they travel, ski, surf, or mountain bike.

Each of these activities are unique and we love discussing how to optimize your experience through better vision and eye protection by way of specialty glasses and contact lenses.

At Midtown Optometry we want you to make the most of your eyes while your eyesight is at its best, schedule your optometry appointment with us to learn how you can live your life with your best vision.