I've recently visited but need a secondary pair of glasses. Can you organize and bill for this?

Most people have a few pairs glasses, whether it be sunglasses, computer glasses, or sports specific glasses, we understand that your lifestyle has unique visual requirements and we can help recommend the proper eyewear.  If you have recently come in for an exam, this process is easy.  We have your prescription on file and all we need to do is assist in selecting the proper frame.  Our talented opticians will guide you through this process and take digital measurements of how the frame fits on your face to customize the lenses for you and the frame you have selected.  If you have a favorite set of frames already, lenses can be customized for most good quality frames.  All of this can be done easily from our office right in Midtown Santa Cruz.

Most vision insurance plans offer significant discounts for secondary pairs and our staff will help you figure out how to optimize your benefits.

Can I send you records of my eye history to-date or do you start from scratch at the first appointment?

Yes!  If you have previous records including medical eye evaluations, glasses or contact lens prescriptions or other optometry or ophthalmology notes, it is helpful if you can send those to us or bring them when you come to visit us at Midtown Optometry.  Baseline tests will help us better manage any eye conditions, and a contact lens or glasses history will allow us to understand how your vision has changed over time.  For contact lens wearers, it is also useful to bring the boxes from the contact lenses you are currently wearing since this will save you a follow-up visit.  Often we have new lenses available in your prescription if we need to give free trials to evaluate changes.

My insurance plan covers the entire family, how can you accommodate for us?

Often times the entire family will be covered under the same vision and medical insurance.  We can check family eligibility for vision exams as well as glasses and contact lenses.  Children should have a comprehensive eye exam before starting school at age 4 or 5 at the latest.  A school screening or vision exam at the pediatrician is not as comprehensive as the workup from an optometrist.

We can often book families all in the same time block to make things easier on parents.