Do I use vision or medical insurance for my visit?

The eyes are unique in that they have to very separate components: their visual ability, and their health.  Depending on the primary reason for the visit, either vision or health insurance will cover the visit.

Vision Insurance:  This covers routine vision exams.  This includes finding prescriptions for glasses, (and in some cases contact lenses) as well as an eye wellness exam where we screen for a wide variety of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts.

Medical Insurance: This covers eye emergency type visits such as trauma, foreign objects in eyes, pink eye, and dry eye.  Medical insurance also covers the treatment of more chronic conditions such as glaucoma. 

If you are unsure, just ask our receptionist.  Our staff will be happy to help guide you through the process and help you utilize the proper insurance.  No need to leave downtown Santa Cruz for great eyecare!

Since I've been to you before, what information do you have on me to accelerate the booking, check-up and prescription process?

If we have seen you before, we already have all your previous medical information on file.  In most cases, insurance information doesn't change year to year.  Unless you have had any major medical or vision changes, we will be able to get started right away saving you some time and effort.  If you schedule online, no need to fill out the "pre-exam paperwork."  If you are calling to schedule an appointment (831.426.7172) just let our receptionist know that you are a returning patient, and we will pull all your previous information.  No need to come in early.  We strive to be on-time with all our appointments to value your time.