Back to School

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As Summer rolls into Fall, and the Santa Cruz fog leaves the beaches, many of us start thinking about the new school year…

This juncture in seasons is a forebearer of books to scrutinize, essays to compose, and literature to research; the key to all of which being great vision.

For students, the new school year is a great opportunity for an annual eye exam. Whether you’re off to college or starting Kindergarten, updated glasses and contact lenses are as important as laptops and sharp pencils.

We depend on our eyes for so many things in the classroom and back at home for our studies. With clear and comfortable vision we can focus on learning rather then straining just to see the text.

From blue light reducing products that help alleviate computer eye fatigue and improve sleep cycles, to digital lenses to give the best possible vision, the right pair of glasses can make a huge difference to a student’s success. And, we should never forget about the extracurricular activities —whether in swimming, track and field, fencing, or ultimate frisbee —the right eyewear is integral to your success.

Start your year off right with a visit to Midtown Optometry, and we’ll see to it that your eyes are performing at their best so you can too.