The Best Glasses Guide —Squeaky Clean Specs in 3 Easy Steps

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If you wear glasses, then you spend most of every day looking through them. Glasses help us work, study, read, watch movies and TV shows, and enjoy life; they’re your investment in yourself.

At Midtown Optometry, we care about more than just prescribing glasses. Caring for and maintaining your pair of glasses will make sure they last and keep you seeing with your best vision for as long as possible.

How to Clean Glasses Without Smudges in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Start by rinsing your both sides of your lenses under cold to slightly warm running water. This gets rid of any large particles, dirt, sand, etc. that could scratch the lenses when you clean them.

  2. Gently lather the lenses and nose pads. We recommend a small amount of dish soap as a detergent. Make sure that the detergent you use has no conditioner to keep your lenses streak free. Glasses cleaning spray can also be used.

  3. After cleaning, use a microfiber or clean cotton cloth to gently rub the lenses between your thumb and forefinger.

This YouTube video by NReluctant walks you through each of the steps using slightly warm water:


Tips on How to Take Care of Your Glasses

  • Never use Kleenex, tissues, napkins, or any kind of paper product to wipe your glasses. The small fibers in paper products can leave tiny scratches on your lenses.

  • Avoid wiping your glasses with your clothing. While the fabric of your clothes isn’t likely to cause scratches, during the day our clothes collect tiny particles of dust that can scratch your lenses and wear away at their coatings.

  • Never use cleaning solutions with ammonia. The ammonia in most window cleaning fluids will wear down the protective coatings on your lenses.

  • Always keep your glasses in a protective case. Don’t just stuff your glasses in your bag or your pocket. This is possibly the worst thing you can do; since it makes it much more likely that your glasses will end up scratched or smudged.

  • Keep your glasses away from excessive heat. Too much heat can damage the coating and even the lenses of your glasses. You don’t have to worry about wearing them in the sun, but try not to leave them on the dash of your car, or out in direct sunlight for hours and hours.

  • Keep your glasses away from chemical solvents. Kitchen and bathroom cleaning products, hair spray, and even perfume can also damage the coatings of your lenses.

Midtown Optometry is a specialist eye care clinic in Santa Cruz, California.

At Midtown Optometry we use high quality lenses like Crizal Avance and Prevencia that have anti-smudging and anti-static properties incorporated into the lens.  While these lenses give you significantly improved visual experience and stay cleaner longer, they can be damaged by high heat or chemical exposure.

Drop by to chat with one of our opticians, no appointment needed; we are always happy to clean and adjust your glasses. Free lens cleaning microfiber cloths and glasses cleaning solutions are always available.