Reasons (And Tips) to Avoid Buying Cheap Glasses

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Have you ever thought about buying cheap glasses online? It’s hard to resist a pair at only $39. 

After all, it would seem that they should be similar to those that your eye doctor would make for you. While it’s very tempting to save some money wherever you can, online glasses may not be the place to skimp.

Here are a few things to be aware of with online glasses:

Disadvantages of Buying Glasses Online

1. Lower Prices Mean Cutting Corners

One thing that online glass retailers claim is that their products are cheap because they don’t have to hire a big team of professionals and pay the high rent associated with retail optical stores.

Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that by purchasing from an online retailer, you won’t get the professional help of a qualified optician to help you choose the right lens and frames to protect your vision.

There is a lot that goes into choosing appropriate frames and lens options; some good help goes a long way towards ensuring your glasses are perfect.

2. Lower Quality

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In order to produce a product that is significantly cheaper, you have to cut costs along the way. Cutting costs can come in form of low quality materials, which could be more prone to breakage, and may even cause you bodily harm.

Online retailers often compromise on quality and your vision.

There will always be a difference in terms of scratch resistance, impact handling, coatings and levels of optical performance compared to ideal glasses.

3. You Are More Likely to Choose The Wrong Glasses from Bigger Selections

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Online retailers will be quick to tell you that they have a biggest inventory of glasses for you to choose from but the problem comes to selecting your ideal glasses frames.

Remember you’ll be on your own when selecting these glasses.

Just how many of these glasses do you think will fit your face shape as well as your personality? Keep in mind you won’t have anyone to guide you.

A qualified optician knows your requirements as well as the glasses that are going to meet all of your needs depending on your lifestyle.

4. Cheap Sunglasses Can Do More Harm Than Good

Sunglasses can be quite deceiving if you do not know the brand behind them.

Most sunglasses have a grey tint and it’s easy to think that they have all the UV blocking features. The materials used to make sunglasses that can protect your vision from the UV rays and glare are not cheap.

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It’s important to know that the level of protection that shades provide to shield your eyes from harmful rays is not solely a function of color of the lenses.

Additionally, it’s impossible to ‘feel’ how your eyes are being protected while you are wearing sunglasses.

Ensure that you buy sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV light.

5. Aggravated Eyestrain and Dizziness

Drug store readers will help you see more clearly especially if you’re nearing the age 40 and experiencing the normal age-related loss of focus known as presbyopia…

The only problem is that it’s very easy to choose the wrong power without proper guidance.

Over the counter readers also do not correct for the differences between the eyes to ensure that they are both focused at the same position, and they do not correct any potential astigmatism. Furthermore most ‘cheaters’ cannot protect your eyes from the blue light emitted by electronic devices.

Tips for Buying Glasses

Now that you know the possible pitfalls of buying cheap glasses online here are a few tips that you can utilize to your advantage to save money when you are buying glasses for you or your family:

  • Do you have an insurance plan? Many people have vision insurance plans such as VSP and EyeMed that they are enrolled in as a part of their benefits package at work. These plans are there to help you cut costs every time you’re buying glasses. Most people don’t know that you can utilize insurance towards distance glasses, prescription readers or sunglasses. We can look up your eligibility for you.

  • Ask about packages. Many authorized optical outlets offer discounts on package deals. Premium eye wear products such as photochromic lenses, anti-reflective coatings and progressive lens come with discounts when bought as a bundle. Always ask for details.

  • Take full advantage of warranties. Every time you buy a quality pair of glasses, ensure that you know read all the terms and conditions of the warranty. Quality eyewear is of better value if it comes with warranties for frame materials, lens scratches, and workmanship. Warranties are more valuable if your children wear glasses and/or you live or work in an harsh environment and generally cover scratches on the lenses for a whole year. Always ask your optician about the terms and conditions of the warranties that come with your newly owned glasses every time you make a purchase.

Ask your eye doctor about possible discounts or promotions on specific lenses and frames and financing plans if needed for your glasses.

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Choosing the Best Eyeglasses and Frames for Your Personality

Whether you grew up wearing glasses or you’ve only recently started wearing them, glasses play an integral role in how we are perceived, and how we perceive ourselves.

The glasses you wear speak a lot about you.

If you wear glasses regularly but own a pair of contact lenses that you only use rarely or for certain sports, try this:

Swap out your glasses for your contacts for a day and count how many times people either tell you that you look different or even outright not recognize you.

You’ll be surprised how many of your friends and co-workers have difficulty recognizing you.

Forget "“you are what you eat”, you are what you wear.

And we all want the world to see us in a certain way. Everybody craves to be unique.

Whether you want to appear youthful, sophisticated, focused, business-minded, conservative, or just more intelligent, the right frames confer a powerful positive affect how you the world to perceives you.

With the right eyeglasses, you can create the image you want people to see. The most crucial thing to do is identify the right eye glass frames that echo your personality and lifestyle.

This guide will help you to identify which frames fit your personality.

Eyeglasses for the Modern Seniors

These upswept frames give this older gentleman a trendy, modern style

These upswept frames give this older gentleman a trendy, modern style

Because our eyes naturally degrade as we age our first tip is for the majority of glasses wearers out there; even if you’re a younger glasses-wearer, take heed —we all get there eventually.

Being older doesn’t mean you ought to wear old-fashioned glasses!

If you want to look younger, do yourself a favor and your experienced appearance with an injection of fresh style!

We aren’t saying that you ought to be ostentatious or gaudy, but seriously: get rid of those clunky metal frames that cover up your face. It’s high time you reclaim your youthful looks! 

To achieve a youthful face, you need to wear glasses that uplift your face.

Apart from your choice of frames, it’s no secret that smiling does wonders for looking younger

Apart from your choice of frames, it’s no secret that smiling does wonders for looking younger

Good examples of frames that achieve this are upswept rectangles for men and cat-eye frames for women.

The best colors to achieve a youthful look are deep browns, gun metal, and burgundy for men. Women are better off with light shinier hues.

For that youthful appeal, we recommend that you avoid bifocals and trifocals.

Instead, go for progressive lenses which provide clear vision for both close viewing and as far as your eyes can see.

And, because they’re so modern, progressive lenses also give older adults a more youthful look.

Eyeglasses for Students

There is no better time to develop your own identity than during highschool and college. It is at this time that most people mature and show off their own style.

Without being confined to a work environment, it’s possibly at this time in our lives that we have the most freedom to choose what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world. Students, young people (and lets be honest, even the young-at-heart) can go with any colors and shapes.

Maybe you want to look retro and hipster or intellectual and somber — it’s entirely up to you.

You have all the freedom to express yourself.

This is the best time for you to experiment with unconventional frame styles; and because the frames you wear so heavily affect how we are perceived, you may even want to reserve a certain frames for your internship or the important class presentation, and another for when you’re going out on the town on a Saturday night.

Check out these eyewear designs for college students and young adults for men and women.


Eyeglass for Serious Business

Notice how, despite the unbuttoned, plaid shirt, this fellow still looks extremely professional thanks to his business-appropriate eyewear

Notice how, despite the unbuttoned, plaid shirt, this fellow still looks extremely professional thanks to his business-appropriate eyewear

The right eye glasses can help you build trust and confidence among your colleagues and business clients.

For serious entrepreneurs and business people, it’s advised to wear glasses with conservative frame shapes and colors. 

In order to pull that serious look, consider these choices:

  • Colors like gold, brown, silver, gray and black are good colors for your frames.

  • If you choose to use plastic frames, avoid frames with bright colors

  • Use classic shapes such as rectangles, ovals, and almonds.

  • You can also opt for stainless steel and titanium frames.

For men, brown, black, silver and gun metal frames are good choices. These colors are easy and conservative. They easily pair with business outfits.

Colors such as the golden tone, brown, burgundy, silver, black and expresso are a good choice for women.

Classic tortoise patterns are also a good selection for both men and women. They easily blend well with business attires.

For a variety of business oriented frames, check out our men's styles and women's styles.

Eyewear for the Busy Mom and Dad

Busy moms and dads have little to no time to catch up with the latest trends in eyewear. A basic pair of glasses with styled frames works best.

Unless you work in a high-profile, public position you’re colleagues will understand if your eyewear is slightly out of date. And, if you’re at home taking care of the kids, hardly anyone will notice your frames anyway.

Perhaps, the only reasons to update your frames if you’re busy rearing children are personal —maybe you just really need to treat yourself and you may as well update your look — or if you want your kid’s friends to see you as the “cool parent”.

Really, the sky’s the limit here, and you may in fact have more freedom to be quirky and unique than even our young academics mentioned previously!

When it comes down to it, it matters less what stage you are in life and more how you want to present yourself to the world. This guide is just that: a guide.

You should feel free to pick whatever frames make you feel the most comfortable.

Feel like you could use a bit more advice on choosing the best frames for you?

Go ahead and check out our other guide on choosing the right frames for your face shape or schedule a free consultation and let our experts give you advice drawn from years of experience consulting patients from every walk of life.

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