What is the Air Puff Eye Test for?

One common question we get asked a lot is whether we do an “Air Puff” eye test as part of the eye exams we do.

The Air Puff test refers to Non-Contact Tonometry (NCT) which helps doctors screen your eyes for different types of glaucoma.

It’s not surprising we get asked about this test a lot because it’’s something that many people find unpleasant and would rather avoid.

We don’t actually use this test anymore at Midtown Optometry.

Instead we use a Goldmann Tonometry, sometimes referred to as the “blue light test”. It is a more accurate and less invasive method to get annual pressure readings, and it is the new gold standard in eye pressure testing.

Checking eye pressure is one of many screening tests that our doctors perform for glaucoma at every annual comprehensive eye exam.

Glaucoma is considered a “silent disease”, increased eye pressure is something that generally cannot be noticed until it reaches damaging levels, and must be tested for regularly.

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