Style Guide —How to Pick Glasses Frames For Face Shape

It is attractive to have a pair of eyeglasses that compliment your face shape. Eye glasses that pair well with your face can add an extra punch of gorgeous that can make all the difference in your overall outfit.

Your face shape plays a critical role when it comes to the kind of glasses you wear. Not all styles of glasses will go with your face shape.

Do you know your face shape?

How to Determine your Face Shape

If you have a smartphone at hand, take a selfie. Pull your hair back and relax your face to get the best shot.

Use a photo editor to map out your face.

Now that you have the shape of your face, read on below about these types of face shapes and the best eyeglasses that compliment each of them. One these shapes will definitely describe your face.

Oval Face Shape

oval faceshape glasses

Oval-shaped faces are easy to recognize due to their well-balanced proportions, the height, width, chin and jaw of oval are all within average ranges of each other, making this the most common (and the most enviable) face shape of all.

People with oval faces can usually experiment with all sorts of hairstyles and glasses.

For oval face-shaped women a pair of wide eye glasses frames will compliment and accentuate the natural symmetry of an oval face. Glasses with walnut shaped frames that are neither deep nor narrow work best.

Celebrities with Oval-Shaped Faces

  • Selma Hayek

  • Tina Fey

  • Kate Middleton

  • Jessica Alba

square faceshape glasses.jpg

Square Face Shape

Square faces are slightly wider than they are tall, with a strong, sculpted jaw. A square face shape is usually made of a broad forehead and a strong jaw, with the width and the length of the face being roughly equal.

Some people with this lean facial symmetry can also have long or rounded square face shapes.

Narrowly framed glasses with narrow ovals and more width than length make the best glasses for square face-shaped people.

These frames make the square face look longer and most importantly, they flawlessly smooth the angles of the face.

Round Face Shape

round face shape glasses

Round faces have curved lines with equal widths and lengths that are in the same proportion; a round face shape will usually have plump cheeks and a curved chin.

Proportionally, these faces are wider than they are tall, with a gentle jaw.

The best glasses for round face-shaped people either lengthen the appearance of the face to make it look more like an oval, or compliment the natural face’s natural curves,

Use angular narrow frames to further lengthen a round face, or compliment it instead with wide rectangular frames.

heart face shape glasses

Heart Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are wider at the forehead, sweeping down into a pointed chin.

Some heart faces can be long, others may be rounded.

To reduce the width of the top a heart-shaped face, glasses with frames that are wider at the bottom are essential.

You can also use thin, light-colored frames to compliment your heart-shaped face.

Celebrities with Heart Shaped Faces

  • Zooey Deschanel

  • Jennifer Love Hewitt

  • Halle Berry

diamond face shape glasses

Diamond Face Shape

A diamond shaped face has both the forehead and the chin equally narrow, with broad cheekbones.

To style it, focus on highlighting the eyes. Any type of frames with detailing or distinctive brow lines will completely compliment the diamond face shape.

Glasses with cat-eye shaped frames can also be good alternatives.

Triangle Face Shape glasses

Base Down Triangle Face Shape

This face has a narrow forehead and a broad cheek and chin.

To add width to the upper face, you can use frames that are heavily accented with color and detailing on the top half of the frame.

You can also use cat-eye frames as an alternative.

Skin Tone, Hair color, and Eye color

When you're selecting eyeglasses, there are other factors that also determine the type of frames you will need for your glasses - your skin tone, hair color, and eye color play a vital role in the selection too.

Besides your face shape, eyeglasses should also compliment your eyes, hair, and face.

Skin Tones

Skin tones are usually categorized as either warm or cold regardless of the color of the skin.

A cool complexion has pink or blue undertones while a warm complexion has a cream or yellow cast.

Eye color

Eye colors are key elements when it comes to determining your eyeglass color. a good example is the blue eyes that can go well with a pale blue-gray color which is warm and almost-violet color which is cool. On the other hand, brown eyes can vary from cool almost black to light cider shade which is warm.

Frames That Compliment Blue Eyes

blue eyes frames.jpg

Frames That Compliment Brown Eyes

brown eyes frames.jpg

Hair Color

Hair colors can also be categorized into warm and cool colors. Cool colors are white, platinum, auburn, ash brown, blue-black, and strawberry blonde. The warm colors include brownish black, golden blond, brown-gold and dirty gray.

Eye Glass Frame Colors

Once you have established if your "cool" or "warm," then now you can go ahead and find the eyeglass frames that best style your face shape from the colors that suit you.

Here some examples of eyeglass frame colors.

Warm Colored Glasses Frames:

  • gold

  • khaki

  • peach

  • camel

  • orange

  • coral

  • warm blue

  • off-white

  • blond tortoise

Cool Colored Glasses Frames:

  • black

  • blue-gray

  • magenta

  • jade

  • pink

  • rose-brown

  • silver

  • demi-amber tortoise

  • blue

I hope we have answered all your eye wear styling questions in this guide.

Now you can confidently shop at our store knowing that you are going to kill in your new pair of glasses.

It all starts with your face shape, then your skin tone and eye color. Once you establish these three components, you should be able to get a cool pair of eyeglasses that compliment your face effortlessly.