How Many Pairs of Glasses Do You Need?

If you ask how many pairs of shoes we have, most are proud (or embarrassed) to admit that they have one for every occasion.

Riding in the rain, Mountain Charlie, Santa Cruz

Riding in the rain, Mountain Charlie, Santa Cruz

Dress shoes don’t work well for running, and rain boots are not for hiking. I can’t pack for a weekend trip without at least 3 pairs. While you could probably do just about anything in a pair of sneakers, for most occasions, it just isn’t the right tool for the job.

I’m not even considering style yet.

For me, glasses are exactly the same.

I have a general-purpose pair of spectacles, but honestly, I rarely use them…

When I am at the computer, I use lenses designed to reduce glare at the monitor and focus for that specific distance.

When I am running, I have a high wrap sports frame with rubber temples that will stay on my face.

For driving at night, I use lenses designed specifically for the extra nearsightedness you get as your pupils dilate.

Vision is our most valued sense, and protecting our eyes with the right eyewear is important for any activity.

Better vision enhances our experiences when we are doing the things we love, no matter what that is.

Personally, I don’t put to much thought into matching my eyewear with my outfit, but for your everyday pair, this becomes a lot more important.

With my active lifestyle, I want to excel in the activities I am passionate about, so I make sure I have a pair of glasses for any occasion to match the performance of each pair of shoes in my closet.