HSA Vision Insurance Benefits

As we move through the year, we hear a lot of questions about using HSA (Health Savings Account) funds to purchase glasses, contact lenses, or exam fees.  You can use your HSA card at Midtown Optometry for any of our products and services.  (What better way to use these health care dollars than buying some new sunglasses?)  Some of these accounts roll over to the next year, while others will expire in December.

Vision Service Plan is the most common vision insurance and is a 'use it or lose it' benefit.  Many people don't realize that they are covered for a comprehensive eye exam every year and often a pair of glasses or sunglasses every years as well.  Call to see if you are unsure whether your benefits will expire at the end of December or if they roll over from the date of your last exam and our front desk staff can look up your benefits for you.